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This is MonaCK's art/icon/fic journal

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This is my graphics journal. You'll find all of my theoretical artwork and creations here.


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18 Veronica Mars Icons [08.06.06 at 6:41pm]

Cross posted in my art journal, my own journal, and at veronica_icons.

Mostly Veronica, Logan, or Veronica/Logan - a Veronica & Keith, as well as one random Mac, and one random Dick thrown in for good measure.


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New Fic: Alone Again, Naturally [12.04.05 at 4:40pm]

Title: Alone Again, Naturally.
Part: 1/1
Rating: PG-13 for language. Basically, if you can watch an episode of the show, you can read this fic.
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters: Alex, Izzy & Meredith -- Alex/Izzy Overtones
Spoilers: Through 2.10
Author's Notes: This is my attempt to justify Alex's behavior in episode 2.10. I had a great desire to get this up before the new episode this evening. It was done earlier, and read over a few times, but might still have some mistakes. Sorry! this is also my first attempt at GA fiction. I hope that I don't disappoint.
Cross Posted: monascreations, ga_fanfic


He tilted his head back and took another drink.Collapse )
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My Novel - what I have so far. [11.02.05 at 8:24pm]

It's 2094 words according to the word counter on the NaNo website.

Again - first, rough draft. Not quite sure where it's going, and I'm not even sure how I got here so far. ;)

Untitled NovelCollapse )
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Fanfic 100 - Fic 1/100 - Prompt 001 - Beginnings [10.13.05 at 8:50pm]

Title: Beginnings
Pairing/Characters: Bosco & Faith, though not as a couple.
Spoilers: Pre-series, so no spoilers.
Rating: Pretty darned tame
Prompt: Beginnings
Word Count: 270
Authors Notes: Well... here goes nothing :)

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Cross posted to fanfic100.
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First batch of Icons [08.06.05 at 2:28am]

for submission to the icons100 community.

Icons 1 - 10 - Bosco IconsCollapse )
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